Waste disposal

Here you will find everything about waste management.

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The landlord provides a garbage room / environmental station within the property. At the same time as the rent, the tenant pays a supplement for waste management.

They are the tenant's responsibility for and pay for the collection, sorting, storage and transport of bulky rubbish and environmentally hazardous waste present at the tenant's as such waste is not taken care of in the environmental station.

Hazardous waste
Bl.a. light sources, cables, computers, batteries, small electronics etc. classified as hazardous waste.

For the removal of hazardous waste, permits and documentation are required. Each waste disposal company is responsible for its own waste. This means that if there is no fraction in the environmental room, the waste may no longer be left in the property's waste room / environmental station.

The tenant is responsible for the removal of such waste.
If you have any questions, please contact Klövern.

Freight handling
It is not permitted to store or store goods and goods in the property's stairwells or entrances. It is especially important with regard to people with visual impairment and danger when evacuating the premises, e.g. in case of fire.

Mail handling
We offer our tenants the opportunity to have their own mailbox at various delivery points in the area. Where exactly you / you will have your mailbox is stated in the copy of the key receipt for the mailbox.

Contact Klövern if you have any questions about the mailboxes.